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The Creation of the Space-Time in the God's Mind.

Space-time is not a separated entity from God. Instead, it is a continuous expression from Him and incessantly depends of His will to maintain its properties. It is a God's mind creative process composed of a network of myriads of myriads of interrelated elementary God's thinkings.​

We are developing a theory of the origin of the physical space-time as a dynamical structure which emerges and floats in the God's mind according with His Will. The God's mind is modeled as a virtual intelligent environment, named G* (G star), which creates and transforms semiotic networks to reach their own goals.

A space-time is understood as a kind of system of self-ruled activities of G* in a semiotic network in his mind. Some of these activities are agent-programs (angels) created and executed by G* to operate in semiotic networks (see Videos 1 and 2).

Video 1: Illustration of a semiotic network in the G*'s mind which

according with rules of relationship between all its points (angels) in it produces a space-time with spherical topology.

Which are the rules chosed by G* to transform a semiotic network in a four-dimensional space-time, e. g. , a spherical one as in the figure above? 

We are developing models of multi-angel systems interacting inside a software environment to produce space-times of any dimension. For that we are using powerful models of concurrent computation.

On going research topics in our Metaphysical Lab:


In the our theoretical background new questions and interpretations about natural phenomena and physical

laws emerge, widening our comprehension about

God-Nature interaction.

Currently we are working to respond some fundamental questions in the context of the HaMakon Paradigm and the attributes of God (Sefirot) such as the following ones:


1. what is the nature of a physical vacuum?

2. what is the origin of quantum fluctuations?

3. how a space-time springs from nothing?

4. what determines the dimension of a space-time?


In the context of the HaMakom Paradigm does not make sense to talk about 'spontaneous' creation from nothing. Anything that happens is a result of the Will of God and is a creative act of God.

By other hand, quantum fluctuations is an observable physical property of a quantum vacuum and a theoretical prediction of quantum field theory. 


How to harmonize both aspects of the reality in a consistent theory?

Our approach permits to theorize the conditions under which God produces quantum vacuum fluctuations and how he creates a quantum space-time from a quantum vacuum.

Video 2: A semiotic network is a flexible structure at will of G*. A spacetime is the result of G*s choices about his operations in a semiotic network created and sustained by him in his mind. In the video, an illustration of a process of evaporation of a spherical spacetime within the mind of G*.


The video illustrates the idea that if G* wants to stop sustaining a spacetime, he can, for example, gradually change the coordination between the agents that generate this structure and finally annihilate them all.

Our approach is theoretical and general: we not look for a unique answer but for classes of God's creative processes which produce classes of the space-times. 

For that we are developing a mathematical theory of the God's creative activities that allows to build models on the origin and evolution of a space-time, all based on the attributes of God (The Sefirot).

Understand how the space-time geometry (gravitation) has semiotic networks in the God's Mind as its foundation reading the book The Semiotic Mind of God.

    See more about our Metaphysical Lab and our research Methodology.

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