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A New Perspective about the Human History to see its future and to contribute to better the world.


The Terra Futura Project is an interdisciplinary research initiative which integrates biblical prophecies about the bright future of the Earth and the physical foundations of the earth sciences to point to which kinds of large scale actions can effectively improve our world.

Using a reverse futuristic approach, we build scenarios from the present to the Earth's bright future. The scenarios are based on the God image of the Earth's Future conceptually modeled as an attractor of a dynamical system.

The project is based on the Aleph-Tav Theory which represents the biosphere as a huge network of informational relations and on the Elohim-Earth System Model, which represents the biosphere as a hierarchical cybernetic system.


We model humanity's development as a multi-agent system which achieves, through phase transitions, radical changes in the socio-economic system, the bright future.

Given that a bright future for the world is coming, how can we enter into the flow that will lead us to a world which will be a good place to live for all? Go in deep.

The Terra Futura Project conducts research to understand the biosphere-humankind system to help to create the conditions for a fully good planet for everyone to live.

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Terra Futura Project

Gur Aryeh Institute

Gur Aryeh Research Institute

Opening the vision, laying down the foundation, helping to prepare the way for the bright future.

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