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The Olamot* Project is a research program that develops integrated metaphysical-biogeophysical models of origins and major transitions in the evolution of biospheres in the solar and extrasolar systems. 

*(Olamot, Hebrew; Worlds, English).

It is based on the Aleph-Tav Theory about creative processes in the God's Mind and the Elohim-Earth System Model which gives us a general framework to understand why and how God covers the surfaces of some planets with biospheres.

We build conceptual and computer models of biospheres based on the concept of 'Seder Hishtalshelutprocess, what means that a God's creative process of any biosphere is an unfolding process since an initial God's Mind idea (like a seed of a fruit tree) until a complete entity (like a mature tree with leaves and fruits).

Understand better the Seder Hishtalshelut concept.

Biospheres: Origin and Development

he beauty of a Biosphere as expression of Tiferet.
The beauty of a Biosphere as expression of Tiferet.
The biodiversity in a Biosphere as expression of Chesed

Why and how God creates myriads of biospheres in a galaxy?

Biospheres as semiotic networks of multi-agent systems which express the God's attributes (Sefirot).

The origin of the biodiversity as expression of God's attribute of Chesed.

Explore our Biospheres Models.

Conceptual Framework:

The Sefira Chesed is the God's creative flow of increasing variety of beings, quantitatively and qualitatively, without limit. As an expression of Chesed, galaxies, stars, planets and biospheres are very abundant and diverse in the Universe, and inside biospheres, there are myriads of different kinds of live beings.

See 'Chesed and the Principle of Variety in the God's Creation'.

The fundamental metaphysical assumption of the Olamot Project is that biospheres are the ultimate goal of God in creating the Universe because in them God creates 'Dwelling Places' for Him, creating varieties of beings able to perceive Him and interact with Him in different ways.

Go in deep on the Dwelling Place for God concept.

Biospheres have a unique spiritual role in the development of the Universe because they are channels to receive and spread information from the 'superior worlds', to reveal the unity of God's attributes (Sefirot) through a rich variety of phenomena and living beings.

See 'Why God creates biospheres?'

A corollary of the above assumptions is that there are myriads of biospheres in Our Universe, and in particular in Our Galaxy, with an enormous variety of living beings similar and also very different from all those that we see in our biosphere.

Understand our approach to the Astrobiology science.

By the other hand, the Sefira Gevura establishes the limits to Chesed creative expansion, creating space and time patterns in the origin, structure and evolution of the biospheres.

See Gevura, the Night-Day Cycle and the Rhythms of the Biospheres.

The Sefira Tiferet produces the balance between them, bringing equilibrium and harmony to the biospheres, which allows these systems be very resilient to internal and external environment perturbations.

See 'Chesed-Gevura-Tiferet expressions in the Biospheres'.

The Olamot Project investigates, from a cybernetic interpretation of the Sefirotic Tree of Life, the general laws which regulate biospheres and builds conceptual and computer models to understand their origins and developments.

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Olamot Project

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