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'He and His attributes are One.'

In Kabbalah God has ten attributes, named Sefirot (Sefira, singular; Sefirot, plural.) causally interrelated with each other in a hierarchical network structure named Tree of Life (ToL) (see the diagram). 


God thinks, acts and manifests Himself through the ToL, and His mind is distributed across of all Sefirot which form an unity.God thinks, acts and manifests Himself through the Sefirotic Tree of LIfe, and His mind is composed of all Sefirot which form together with her relationships a unity.


A God creation of any entity (e. g., a universe) is conceived as an unfolding process (hishtalshelut) produced by all the Sefirot in coordination, since the highest level Sefira, named Keter, that desires to create that entity, until the lowest level Sefira, Malkut, which will contain the created entity, passing before by all intermediary levels Sefirot which contribute in specific ways to bring that entity to existence.


Just before to reach Malkut phase, the entity exists in the God's mind, in the Sefira Yesod, as a potential being, ready to be actualized and become an integral part of the Malkut.  


In Malkut, finally the entity is a temporal being that is sustained by all ToL and evolves according the God’s original goal for it.

The Tree of Life in the Lurianic Kabbalh

Video: Example of an abstract dynamic field in a semiotic network in the G*Sefira of Malkut produced by a multi-angel system resulting of joint action of all G*Sefirot, partially coordinated.

Old and modern versions of the diagram of the Sefirotic Tree of Life. Metaphysics and art to represent the attibutes of God.

Know the Tree of Life Informational Model
and the Hishtalshelut Process.

Sefirotic 'Tree of Life'

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