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The Semiotic Mind of God

A Multi-Agent System Model of the Creative Processes in the God's MInd.

by Luis David Aryeh

This book creates a theoretical basis to derive physics from metaphysics, and thus understand, in a unified way, the relation between God, as revealed in the Torah, and Nature as understood by modem science.

This is done by reversing the conventional logic of 'from science to God', assuming that God exists from the start, and then determining the natural laws.

The author develops a new language using concepts and tools from Kabbalah metaphysics, physics and computer science to model the creative processes in the God's Mind.

It is shown how distributed Artificial Intelligence can help us to see the Universe as a vast network of agents with different degrees of autonomy and intelligence, all acting in coordination, to create a rich variety of phenomena.

The book establishes an ambitious research program to understand how God creates and sustains the Universe and how He conduct its history to reach His goals.

The book presents the first results of the Aleph Tav Project developed in the Gur Aryeh Institute where the author is one of the principal investigators.

Book: The Semiotic Mind of God
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