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Come and live with us a collaborative experience to support, produce and communicate knowledge to inspire the people to improve the world in creative ways according God's plan.

If you share our vision, mission and values and has interest to contribute to one or more of our projects you can do that as a Gur Aryeh Institute's fellow in two ways:

1. SPONSOR: As a sponsor of our projects doing donations.


    If you are already a GAI's DONATOR, click here.


2. COLLABORATOR: As a researcher, educator or artist you can bring your talent and expertise to help us to respond to the challenging questions about the relation between God and our Universe and communicate them in creative ways.

    We are looking for expert partners who can help us move our projects forward.

  If you are already a GAI's FELLOW click here.


Gur Aryeh Institute

Gur Aryeh Research Institute

Opening the vision, laying down the foundation, helping to prepare the way for the bright future.

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