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"He is the place of the world, but the world is not His place." (Pesikta Rabati 21)

The Creation 'inside' God's Mind.

According with the HaMakom (The Place) paradigm the physical space-time exists as a created and sustained entity within God. God, however, is not circumscribed by the parameters of the physical space-time.

According Kabbalah, God hides Himself from His creation through an act named TzimTzum. Because He is hidden we observe a physical world with natural laws, as if everything was independent from Him.​

We are expanding the physical theories based on the concept of God as the creator and sustainer of the Universe which is inside Him. For that we are assuming that everything that is created is a thinking of God inside His mind: the Universe is a structured system of His thoughts in His mind.

Guided by the concept of the Sefirotic Tree of Life from Kabbalah, the creation is modeled as an integrated system with hierarchical levels where our physical universe is the lower level system which interacts with the higher level systems (see the figure). 

We built a model of the mind of God, named G* (G-star), as a computational environment from which we aim to derive the laws of a general theory for all hierarchical levels which includes the natural laws for our world. 

Using concepts and methods from computer science, physics and biology we are developing a 'theory of everything' which can be corroborated by the experiments and observations. This will be possible because we are translating all key concepts of modern physics in terms of God's acts systems and model them as a multi-agent systems named 'angels'

In this theory 'information' and 'software agent' (angel), the later understood as an information processing unit, are two fundamental concepts which integrate the natural and the spiritual worlds. Thus also physics, biology and neuroscience and all other natural sciences are unified in this God's mind model.

The 'HaMakom' Paradigm

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