Physical Fields as Multi-Angel Systems which Produce Elementary Particles

Physical fields are not separated entities from God. Instead, like space-time, they are entangled entities with God, that incessantly depends of His decision to persist in create and transform them.

Quantum physical fields are embed in a space-time and are represented as software environments where populations of angels have entangled behaviors to act in coordination (see Videos 1 and 2 for illustrations).

Video 2: Illustration of angels actuating in coordination to produce a 2-dimensional field. The physical field is the result of the interaction between the multi-angel system and the network.

Video 1: Illustration of concept of multi-angel system floating above a semiotic network. When they are coupled to a network with coordinated interaction they produce fields of force and elementary particles.

Angels are agent-programs created and executed by G* on a semiotic network. We are developing models of multi-angel systems interacting inside a software environment to produce several kinds of fields of force.

Some fields under determined conditions can produce elementary particles as electrons and quarks (fermions) that interact through emission and absorption of angels that are force carriers (bosons).

The approach unifies physical field theories and the metaphysical Kabbalah, widening of the scope of the modern quantum field theory to include other physical fields beyond those observable in our Universe.

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