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The Malkuth* Project is a research program that develops integrated metaphysics-physics models of the origin and evolution of our Universe.   


We apply the concepts and principles of the Aleph-Tav Theory and the creative processes in the God's Mind developed in the Yesod Project  to understand why and how God creates and maintains our Universe and fill it with Biospheres

We reinterpret the Inflationary Cosmology and the Big Bang Model of the origin and evolution of the our Universe showing how God can create it from Nothing.


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* Malkuth, Hebrew; Kingdom, English) is the lowest level Sefira in the Tree of Life. The physical world is an expression from all upper level Sefirot inside of Malkuth which receive all influences from them

Malkuth Project's Core Research Areas

We reinterpret the Inflation Cosmology and the Big Bang Theory showing how God can create the Universe from nothing.

We reinterpret the large scale structure formation models of the Universe introducing goal functions in the God's Mind.

We develop cosmological models for different kinds of universes and multiverses as God's unfolding creative processes of multi-angel systems which build dynamic semiotic networks.

Conceptual Framework:

We model the Vacuum as an Intentional Form in the Mind of God (as an expression of His attribute of Keter) from where God will create our Universe to reach a Goal. This Intentional Form is transformed in a Conceptual Space (by the three Sefirot ChaBaD: Chochma-Bina-Daat), where the Laws of Physics for our Universe are created by God in order to self-regulate His creative activities (in the seven lower Sefirot: Chesed-Gevura-Tiferet-Natzah-Hod-Yesod-Malkuth), before He starts to create and evolve our Universe (in the Sefira Malkuth) in order to achieve His Goal.

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Malkuth Project

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