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The Yesod* Project is a research program which, through the Aleph-Tav Theory principles and concepts, develops metaphysical conceptual and computer models as foundations of an enlarged physics, in order to derive all the fundamental concepts of the physics (space-time, gravitation, physical fields, wave-particles, energy, entropy and information) from the Attributes of God (Sefirot) and purely abstract concepts.  

* Yesod, Hebrew; English, Foundation). Yesod is the Sefira which contains all potential creative structure to be realized by God in Malkut.

Yesod Project's Core Research Areas

The space-time is represented as a network of God’s elementary thoughts with a top-down defined topology.

It is floating in His mind, which is modeled as a software environment where God creates and process structures of information. The dynamics in this network produces gravity.

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We represent physical fields as kinds of networks of higher-level God’s thoughts embed in a space-time where information processing creates particles as electrons and quarks and force carriers as gluons and photons.

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Conceptual Framework


We develop models of the creation and evolution of universes and multiversesaccording the Seder Hishtalshelut paradigm, that means, an unfolding process from an original abstract idea in the God's Mind until a concrete and complex system.


Firstly, we define a metaphysical vaccum as an Intentional Form in the Mind of God, which is an expression of His attribute of Keter, the Will of God to create some kind of universe to reach a Goal.


The Intentional Form is transformed in a Conceptual Space by Intelectual Operations of the three Superior Sefirot of ChaBaD (Chochma-Bina-Daat), where the laws of that universe are created in order to self-regulate the God's creative activities in the seven Lower Sefirot (Chesed-Gevura-Tiferet-Netzah-Hod-Yesod-Malkuth). Once the Sefirot are thus prepared, God starts from the Sefira Yesod to develop that universe in the Sefira Malkuth, as a creative process to achieve His Goal.


The Conceptual Space defines the kind of universe that God will create from abstract operations on Semiotic Networks and Semiotic Agents (Angelscreated and maintained by Him.


We model space-times and physical fields as Multi-Angel Systems which process and exchange information according Algorithms created by God in the Conceptual Space.


The Yesod Project forms the theoretical foundation to the other projects of Gur Aryeh Institute:

  • In the Malkuth Project that conceptual framework is applied to a specific God's creation, Our Universe, reinterpreting the inflation and big-bang cosmological models.

  • In the Olamot Project we apply that conceptual framework to the creation and evolution of biospheres.

  • In the Terra Futura Project that conceptual framework is applied to the history of the humanity on the Earth.

Go in Deep.

Yesod Project

Gur Aryeh Institute

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