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G* : A Model of the God's Mind


Based on the Sefirotic Tree of Life we built a model of the Mind of God, named G* (G star), which creates and operates on semiotic networks to create universes acting through his attributes which are models of the Sefirot, named G*Sefirot.

The God's mind is modeled as a virtual intelligent environment, named G* (G star), which creates and transforms semiotic networks to reach their own goals.


The G*Sefirot allows us to develop abstract mathematical structures which can be created, maintained and transformed by G* through multi-angel systems (see video). From these structures we can understand how G* creates and sustains a universe.


Our approach is absolutely general and scientific. Our methodology starts with simple abstract structures to understand complex natural phenomena as for instance, a quantum field.

As we are working with models, which are imperfect representations of the reality, we can improve them continuously.

Gur Aryeh Institute

Gur Aryeh Research Institute

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