A derived expanded Physics from the attributes of God to understand the emergence of the space-time and His creative power in the Universe.

The Aleph-Tav Project (AT Project) is an interdisciplinary research activity that integrates concepts and theories of the Physics and the metaphysical Kabbalah to develop models of the interaction between God and the Universe. 

The ultimate goal of the Aleph-Tav Project is to develop a scientific theory about the Universe explicitly based on the attributes of God (named Sefirot) as their foundation. We are creating a new physics interpreting and expanding the scope of modern physical theories in terms of God's actions in His own mind. This theory will allow us to increase our comprehension about the reality and improve our predictive capabilities about natural phenomena.

To achieve the AT Project’s goal, we firstly built a model of the mind of God interpreting the Kabbalah's metaphysical principles and concepts in terms of creation and processing of structures of information. From this God’s mind model, we are developing models of God's creative processes that produce universes which include, as particular cases, the modern physical cosmological models (e. g., the inflationary universe and the cyclic universe).

The question about which model is more correct must be decided, as all models in natural sciences, by observational information.

The AT Project develops a unified view of fundamental concepts of the Physics based on the HaMakon Paradigm 

and the Sefirotic Tree of Life of the metaphysical Kabbalah.


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The core research areas of the Aleph-Tav Project:


We represent the space-time as a network of God’s thoughts floating in His mind, which is modeled as a

software environment where God creates and process structures of information. The dynamics created by God in this network produces gravity.

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We model physical fields as kinds of networks of higher-level God’s thoughts embed in a space-time where information processing creates particles as electrons and quarks and force carriers as gluons and photons.

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Know about the   HaMakon Paradigm   and the   Sefirotic Tree of Life. See the Aleph-Tav's Conceptual Structure.

Aleph-Tav Project

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