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Integrating the conception of a Creator and modern science based on His attributes (Sefirot).

The two basic approaches to
God-Science Relation:

Bottom Up and Top Down.

The Top-Down approach: from God attributes to the laws of Nature

Aleph-Tav Project

The Botton Up Approach: from Science to God.

Several valuable works (articles, books, conferences, videos, lectures) elaborate the idea that Modern Physics (mainly Quantum Mechanics, General Relativity, Modern Cosmology) presents similarities with old mystical and religious views about Nature and converge to a metaphysical reality, pointing to a Creator thought as a Universal Consciousness or Intelligence or as an Intelligent Designer. We name this approach Bottom Up because it departs from science to point to God.


Point to a


The botton up approach is inspiring because bring to our consideration some important possible connections between the physical and metaphysical worlds expressed in mathematical language and sound scientific theories, but don't solve the big questions and mysteries of science and philosophy. Why exist something instead nothing? Why space-time exist and what is it? Why and how a universe spring up from a vacuum? Which is, if exist at all, the fundamental force or field in the universe from where everything is derived? How biological life is produced from inanimate matter? What is consciousness and how it emerges from matter? Why we are here? Does exist life and intelligent beings in other places in the Universe? If yes or no, why? And why we humans have been able to explain the natural phenomena in mathematical language in so successful ways?

Finally and not less important, how to integrate the laws of Nature discovered by physics and the so many 'extraordinary phenomena' described in the Torah like the ten plagues of Egypt and the opening of Red Sea?

The botton up approach is not able to answer the more deep questions because is based on modern physics that don't have the answers for those questions and excludes the existence of a reality beyond physics. The only main achievement of this approach is to show that the existence of a Creator is probable. However its unable to tell us something more informative about that Creator. The two realms, science and theology continue separated of each other.

In addition we must consider that scientific theories are human intelectual constructions that change along the time in unpredictable ways. Some current theories of physics probable will change in the future according the scientific cirteria and not metaphyscal ones. Thus many conclusions about the metaphysical world based on current physical theories probable will be abandoned or reformulated in the future. 


Therefore this approach don't have an explanatory power to include all phenomena that we believe to be possible to occur and don't give us deeper and sound foundation about God and the God-Nature relation and why the things are as they are. 

The Top Down Approach: From God to Nature.

The Aleph-Tav Project approach

of God

Unfold to

This is the Aleph-Tav Project approach which is based on Chassidic Philosophy expressed in works like Tania of by nnn and and the Wisdom of Soul and Kabbalah treatises like Zohar, Sefer Yetzerá, etc, and inspired by ideas of Western philosophers as Leibniz and Spinoza.


Here departing from an abstract and metaphysical world very structured according with metaphysical Kabbalah we represent the basic elements of this reality as semiotic networks which express the will and intentions of God and His creative power. From that semiotic networks and some abstract principles we show how the physical world emerges by logical implications and cybernetic-like control processes.


Inside of this metaphysical world we show what are angels and why they are the basic constituents of the physical Universe. We show how from a metaphysical world God creates energy, information, entropy, space-time, matter, physical fields, biological beings, consciousness and the human being.

An Enlarged Physics
which includes
Modern Physics

Moreover we show that any creation of God is 'plastic in HIs hands' in the sense that He can change the structure and dynamics of this creation at His will. That explains very naturally how God realizes extraordinary phenomena like the opening of the Red Sea and the other 'miracles' described in the Torah.


Through this approach we see clearly that Nature has hidden inside itself many aspects still not revealed by science and that the modern physics, despite of its very great achievements, is still a child science. Much more wonderful phenomena and powerfull theories are waiting to be discovered.

Finally and the most important this approach is able to show why God created the Universe and in special us, human beings, and which kind of future is reserved for the humankind.


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