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An Ontology of the Creation (*)

What does God create?

To say what God creates, that is, what kind of something God creates, we must first define an ontology, that is, define what objects can be created and their mutual relations.

We have tried to develop this ontology based on the concept of God's experience which seems the more geral and deep category of thing which is very close to God itself and give the any something a 'mental' characteristic.

Based on God's experiences and their mutual relationships, which are also God's experiences, we define a universe of experiences.

The contents of the God's experiences are the objects of the ontology.

A set of experiences can be closed in some specific sense to be defined and worked on. We call this closed set a universe of experiences.

God's experiences can have relationships that have special properties called temporal experiences.

A universe of experiences is said to be evolutionary if there is a sequence of experiences anchored in a subset of experiences that does not change.

A universe of temporal experiences is a part of the set of all types of divine experiences.

So, given the type of object that God creates, we can now advance to semiotic networks and from that concept we can advance to semiotic universes and from there to physical universe, that is, to space-times and fields of force, energy, etc.

All basic concepts unify physics and metaphysics being all reality, the metaphysical reality. And the physical reality being only part of that.

And all metaphysical reality is anchored in God, his Creator and and Maintainer.

All reality is a one and diverse experience of God.

One, because it is unified in experiences of one God.

Diverse, because it is diverse in its contents and relationships.

God creates and lives a Uni-Verse of his experiences, for Himself and in Himself.

God does not coincide with the universe of experiences, but logically anchors His experiences.

This universe is a whole that has parts.

The reality is God and his universe of experiences.

The reality oscillates between several cardinalities of his experiences.

God's minimal experience is to be only with yourself and nothing else.

The maximum experience is that God is living an experience of infinite cardinality and continues.

(*) See related topics to understand the God's mind model and how He creates His creation. In particular, our Universe.

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