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Experiences of God

Let us together to try enter in the mind of God to understand how He see His own creations and from them how He creates universes. As usual we name a representation of God as D*.

To start we will admit some primitive concepts, without explicit definitions.

An elementary D* experience is an experience created by

D* out of nothing, for himself.

This experience is called elementary because its content it is not composed of other experiences of D*.

It is a purely qualitative experience, without parts, which ends in itself and refers only to itself. We call this elementary quality as 'elementary qualium' (plural qualia).

Fundamental principle:

D* can create infinite elementary experiences distinct from each other for himself. That is, D* can create infinite qualia, distinct from each other, for himself.

Thus, no two qualia are identical. Two qualia differ from each other in their essential quality as is experienced by D*. We can say that D* creates a plurality of qualia.

Qualia cancellations

Let Q be a qualium created by D*. D * can cancel this quality, making it to cease to exist or to be an experience of God. And the cancellation is a new experience from Q experience.

Qualia Duration

Each qualium can be associated with a single qualium called its duration.

Each qualium exists for a duration. Many different qualia can have a same duration and exist several durations as one of the qualities, named aspects, of different qualia.

D* Current Experiences Space

Relational Qualia

Given two qualia A and B, D* can create a new qualium which is called 'the relationship between A and B', indicated by 'A ~ B'.

Note that the qualium 'A ~ B' refers A and B and to the relation between them. Thus its not a elementary qualium, but a composed one.

This qualium is composed of qualia A and B, but it is not reduced to them. Qualium 'A ~ B' is a new qualium that involves the quality 'relationship' or 'association' between A and B.

This new qualium has three parts, called its aspects, denoted by A, B and "~".

The qualium "~" cab be symmetrical, that is, the qualitative experience 'A ~ B' is identical to 'B ~ A' or not. The symmetry property is one aspect of this experience of D*.

N-ary Relational Qualia

Given the qualia Q1, Q2, Q3, ..., Qn, and the qualium X, D* can create a new qualium which is the set of relations between each Qi and X, denoted by 'Qi ~ X'.

We will call this set of X a bundle of qualia on X.

Given the infinite set of qualia, we can divide this set into two parts: those qualia that are not related to X and those that are.

The Will of D* in each Qualium

Each qualium persists due to D*'s willingness to continue with that experience in himself for himself.

During the existence of an experience, D* maintains the intention to create that experience.

We call this intention the 'intention in action' for that experience.

The continued existence of qualium is an expression of the desire of D* to continue have that experience.

Since D* no longer wants some experience, he interrupts its existence. In this case we say that D* cancels the experience.

After cancellation of a experience D* can retain that experience or not as a new experience: as a remembered experience.

Memory in D *'s mind is not an automatic faculty that necessarily accompanies a current experience.

For there to be memory there must be a desire to memorize experiences, and therefore D* may or may not create a record of an experience, if he so wishes. If this is the case D* creates anew experience which refers to a experienced qualium.

Then, once a qualium Q has been canceled, if D* wishes to keep a record of that experience, it creates a qualium RQ that refers to qualium Q, adding to RQ the information that Q no longer exists as a current experience, which has occurred, which is 'past'.

RQ is a symbol of a Q that is no longer a current experience.

The same can be said about the intention to perform a Q experience. This intention is a qualium IQ that refers to another Q qualium that still does not currently exist.

IQ is a symbol of a Q quality that will exist as a current experience.

The Mind of D*

From the precedent conceptualization of D*'s experiences we say that the mind of D* is all the current experiences, including memories and intentions, with all their relationships between them. As we can see in another post the experiences of D* can be hierarquizes and this is a experience as well.

We represent the Mind of God as a vast network of His experiences as expressions of His Will. A network that is created by Himself to Himself.

This conceptualization is more elaborated in the posts A, B and C.

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