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We integrate the principles of physics and Kabbalah metaphysics to understand why and how God created and sustains Nature and how He leads upon human history.

Based on the attributes of God (Sefirot) we do interdisciplinary research with innovative methodologies to develop models of creative processes in the God's Mind to give us answers to fundamental questions about the origin and evolution of the Universe, our Biosphere and our place in it.

Our scientific, philosophical, educational and artistic activities seek to inspire people to build a better world, helping to set the stage for the bright future which is coming.

Top-Down approach to God-Universe relation

Aleph Tav Project 

The God's Mind as a Semiotic System.

Read the Book 'The Semiotic Mind of God'
by Luis David Aryeh

to understand our approach to the God-Universe interaction.

The Semiotic Mind of God
world telecommunication networks

How God conducts
the Earth's history?

many Biospheres in the Universe

Biospheres as expressions of God's attributes.

the universe at large

Why our Universe is as it is?

curved space-time

How God creates and sustains the space-time and the quantum fields?

The arrows indicate the logical interdependencies between the projects.

Gur Aryeh Institute

Gur Aryeh Research Institute

Opening the vision, laying down the foundation, helping to prepare the way for the bright future.

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