Gur Aryeh Institute

Opening the vision, laying the foundations, paving the way of Israel for the earth's glorious future.


We integrate science and metaphysics to understand how the attributes of God created and sustain all laws of Universe and why the Nature exists and perdures inside the God's mind.

Through scientific interdisciplinary research, without any mysticism and occultism, with innovative methodologies we propose answers to fundamental questions about the origin and evolution of the Universe and our place in it.


Our scientific, educational and artistic projects aim to inspire the people for the building of a better world.

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Why God created the Universe?  How He created the Universe from nothing?  He had a choice to create the Universe in another way?

The Malkuth Project investigates why and how God created and sustains the Universe inspired by the metaphysical Kabbalah and modern physics.


We model the Universe as a software which creates and processes information to reach its own goals.

This software was created and is executed by God and lives inside His mind.

Gur Aryeh Institute for Research and Education, Inc.