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Olamot Project

The Sefira Chesed is the God's creative flow of increasing variety of beings, quantitatively and qualitatively, without limit. The Chesed action mode is responsible for the creation of myriads of biospheres in Our Universe.


The fundamental metaphysical assumption of the Olamot Project is that biospheres are the ultimate goal of God in creating Our Universe because in them God creates 'Dwelling Places' for Him, creating varieties of beings able to perceive Him and interact with Him in different ways.

Understand in deeper what is a Dwelling Place for God.

M51 Galaxy.png

By Chesed action there are myriads of biospheres in Our Universe. More specifically, galaxies, as for instance the M51 in the picture above, are the place where God creates myriads of biospheres to build Dwelling Places for Him.

Biospheres: Origins and Developments


Why and how God creates myriads of biospheres in a galaxy?

Screen Shot 2022-08-22 at 5.57.01 PM.png

Biospheres are modeled as semiotic networks of multi-agent systems which express the the Unity of the God's attributes (Sefirot).


The origin of the biodiversity as expression of God's attribute of Chesed.

Explore our Biospheres Models.


Gur Aryeh Institute

Opening the vision, laying down the foundation, helping to prepare the way for the bright future.

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