Aleph-Tav Project

Life as a Planetary Phenomenon

How God created our planet and how He transformed its surface in a biosphere? How He sustains all the functioning of the Biosphere?

HyphotesisGod looks for variety under self constraints according His attributes (Sefirot) of Chesed, Gevura and Tipheret. According our hypothesis, life was created not in only one place and after spreaded across the Earth surface. Instead, life is a planetary phenomenon since its beginning.


We are building models to understand how God created and transforms life in the surface of our planet to reach His goals.


G* (G star) is a model of Elohim, the Creator of the Earth, which develops creative processes to reach his goals for this planet.

We look for the conditions under what G* could produce gradual or abrupt creative evolutionary process. This allow us to understand the life origin and evolution as a sequence of phase transitions.


For that we developed a model of G*'s production of variety in the Nature under constraints in a dynamical system.

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