Helping Israel to achieve its historic mission with the Mashiach.

Love Israel Now Project

Why to love Israel? Why not only accept the existence of Israel? The knowledge of the dependence between the Nations and Israel existence give us the direction to a new geopolitics. See more...

Puzzle-Light Project

Who is the Mashiach? What we know for certain about the Mashiach? This is like a puzzle which is mounted along the history. We are cooperatively mounting the puzzle of the image Mashiach to get a powerful vision about our present and future. See more...

Esther Banket Project

Esther was a woman which went to the king with fine spiritual sensibility to save the jewish people from the destruction. The present time ask for women like Esther to goes to King to bring unity and strength to Israel people. See more...

A Voice for Our Time


What is the meaning of the very old prophecies for us today? What they tell us about the present time and the future of Israel and the World? These issues are investigated to teach people about the prophetic word in the Tanah and its importance to understand our time. See more...

Esther Center for the Israel Future

Gur Aryeh Institute

Opening the vision, laying the foundation,

helping to prepare the way for the glorious future of Israel

and the World.