InfoK Center for Science

Integration of physics and metaphysics to understand the emergence of the space-time and the creative evolution of the Universe.


The InfoK Center for Science (InfoK) is an interdisciplinary research environment involving philosophy, logics, mathematics, semiotics, physics and cosmology, biology, neuroscience, computer science, artificial intelligence, complex systems and information sciences to advance the idea that INFORMATION is a fundamental element of the reality.


InfoK looks to develop a unified view of key concepts of natural sciences based on the concept of INFORMATION such that we can increase our comprehension of the reality and improve our predictive capabilities about natural phenomena.


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See below some of the InfoK's projects:

What is the Space-Time?

We are building a theory from which we can understand the space-time as a phenomenon floating in a software environment which processes information.

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What is Life? 

From the informational point of view matter and life are naturally unified. We research on how to interpret biomolecular interaction as a communication process inside a software environment. 

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What are Physical Fields?

We develop research to interpret the quantum fields as software environments which process information. Matter and energy can be understood in terms of information processing.

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What is Mind? 

Matter, life and mind are naturally unified from an informational paradigm. We research how to understand the mind-body interaction through a layered software environment model.

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