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The Elohim-Earth System is a cybernetic layered system composed of the geosphere, the biosphere, the noosphere and the 'rootsphere'. That system is inside Elohim in a state of an almost integration between its levels because the humankind still is not integrated with the rootsphere.


Elohim created and sustains all workings of the Earth System. All his actions in this system look for a unique goal: to integrate completely the planet. In this new state the human interaction with Him will be translated in a perfect world in practical live terms. For that is necessary to integrate the humankind internally and with the rest of the system through the openness of the rootsphere.

All the human history on the Earth is a conducted process to reach the openness of the rootsphere such that this world will be a much better world for everyone to live forever.

Inspired by the Kaballah we develop research to discover new ways to know the workings of our planet in all levels. We use key concepts and methodologies from cybernetics, earth sciences, ecology, economics, political science and futurism.

We are developing a new and powerful methodology to predict the future of the Earth and humankind with certainty on some of its key structural dimensions. These predictions aim produce practical results which will help us do not repeat great historical mistakes and allways build a much better future.

You can cooperate as a fellow. See how.

The 'Elohim-Earth System': E*ES