A New Perspective about the Earth System Evolution to see its future and to contribute to better the world.


The Terra Futura Center is an interdisciplinary research initiative which integrates biblical prophecies and the fundamental knowledges of the earth and environmental sciences, social sciences and futuristic art to point which kinds of large scale actions can improve our world.

The humankind lives inside a huge network of informational relations in the biosphere and co-evolve with it. How we can reach an irreversible wellbeing trajectory on global scale such that the world be more and more a good place to everyone to live?

The Terra Futura Center conducts research to understand the Earth System dynamics and the biosphere-humankind system co-evolution to help to create the conditions for a fully good planet for everyone to live.

The Terra Futura Projects are based on the Elohim-Gaia System  and the HaMakom Paradigms and the Sefirotic Tree of Life System.

See below some of the Terra Futura's projects:

A Biosphere Evolution Model to see the hiding God operations.

A Phase Transition Model for the next historic age.

The Seeds of the Bright Future.

The Future of the Satellites for the Telecommunication Industry and its Role for the Global Integration

The integration of the world crucially depends of advanced technologies of communication. How will be the future for the next 20, 50 and 100 years of this sector taking into account the technological evolution and the major developments in that industry?

This project will investigate the future scenarios of the telecommunication industry and the challenges for the sector in an uncertain globalized world. 

The Role of the United States for the Future of the Earth System


The United States is a key actor in the Earth System. How positive or negative shocks on US energy sector could propagate to the rest of the world? And in the opposite direction, how shocks on energy sector in some regions of the world could to impact US?

This project will investigate how much is US connected to the rest of the world through energy demand and supply using the network theory. This study will permit understand the mutual vulnerabilities between US and the rest of the world in the energy sector and its geopolitical implications for the future of the planet.

Climate Change and the Earth's Albedo


The Earth's albedo is a key controller of the Earth's climate. Any large scale perturbation in the albedo can compromise the sustainable development in many regions of the world.


What controls the Earth's albedo? How climate change can perturb it and how is the global water cycle affected by this perturbation? 

Terra Futura Center