The Malkuth* Project is a research program that develops integrated physics-metaphysics models of the origin and major transitions of evolution of different kinds of universes.     

It is based on the Aleph-Tav Theory on the creative processes in the God's Mind and a cybernetic interpretation of the Kabbalistic Tree of Life which gives us a general framework to understand how God creates an universe and fill it with life.

We build conceptual and computer cosmological models based on the Hishtalshelut Process, what means that a God's creative process of any universe is an unfolding process from an initial simple idea (like a seed of a fruit tree) to a complete and complex creation (like a mature tree with leaves and fruits).

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* Malkuth, Hebrew; Kingdom, English) is the lowest level Sefira in the Tree of Life. The physical world is an expression from all upper level Sefirot inside of Malkuth which receive all influences from them.

Malkuth Project's Core Research Areas

curved space time as network of thoughts of God floating in His mind

Our first model of the space-time is a network of God’s elementary thoughts with a top-down defined topology.

It is floating in His mind, which is modeled as a software environment where God creates and process structures of information. The dynamics in this network produces gravity.

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quantum fields

We represent physical fields as kinds of networks of higher-level God’s thoughts embed in a space-time where information processing creates particles as electrons and quarks and force carriers as gluons and photons.

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Cosmological Models 

We develop cosmological models from God's unfolding creative processes of semiotic networks.

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Malkuth Project


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