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The Two God's Modes of Operation in the Evolution of the Earth System

According with the Aleph-Tav Theory the Earth was created and is continually sustained by God, both forming a united semiotic system which we name Elohim-Earth System. 


In the current era God has two modes to drive the evolution of the Earth System: the hidden mode and the revealed mode.



In the hidden driving mode He is doing everything necessary to reach His original goal for the Earth which never will change. 

The Elohim-Earth System with its laws and imperatives is the total system which evolves to the goal of God for our planet.

In this mode of operation God has been completely hiding from our eyes as the author of everything that occurs. What we see is only part of the whole system: the Earth-System's structure and evolution following natural laws without any goal. The processes seem to be driven by the conjunction of chance and blind laws.


Earth, biological and social sciences are based on observations of this incomplete system, called Earth-System, because its author is still hidden. 



In the revealed mode of operation God has been partially revealed to us in the History through the Torah and the Tanah's prophecies. Moreover God reveals Himself to individuals and groups through punctual manifestations without produce large scale transformations in the Earth-System. The prophecies point that the Earth's history will reach a phase where He will be revealed for everyone as the author of everything. That means from some point in the future the Hidden Mode no more will exist.

"...for the land shall be full of knowledge of the Lord as water covers the sea bed." Isaiah 11:9

A Model of the Elohim-Earth System and its Evolution

According with the Sefirotic Tree of Life the Elohim-Earth System is a hierarchical cybernetic system composed of the geosphere, biosphere, noosphere and the 'rootsphere'.


Elohim created and sustains all workings of the Earth System and all his actions in this system look for a unique goal: the integration the noosphere with the rootsphere of the planet.

In this new state the human interaction with Him will be realized in practical live terms creating a perpetual improvement process. For that is necessary to integrate the humankind internally and with the rest of the system through the openness of the rootsphere.

All the human history on the Earth is a directed process to reach the openness of the rootsphere such that this world will be a much better world for everyone to live forever. Know more...

Inspired by the biblical prophecies and based on the Aleph-Tav Project we develop research to discover new ways to know the workings of our planet in all levels. We use key concepts and methodologies from cybernetics, earth sciences, ecology, economics, political science and futurism.

We practice the futurism in the reverse order: the present is build from the future in the God's mind.

We are developing a new and powerful methodology to predict the future of the humankind with certainty on some of its key structural dimensions. These predictions aim to produce practical results which will help us to build a much better future for everyone. Know more...

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The Elohim-Earth System