The Olamot* Project is a research program that develops integrated metaphysical-biogeophysical models of origins and major transitions in the evolution of biospheres in the solar and extrasolar systems. 

It is based on the Aleph-Tav Theory about creative processes in the God's Mind and the Elohim-Earth System Model which gives us a general framework to understand how God creates planets and covers their surfaces with biospheres.

We build conceptual and computer cosmological models based on the Hishtalshelut Process, what means that a God's creative process of any biosphere in the Universe is an unfolding process from an initial simple idea (like a seed of a fruit tree) to a complete and complex creation (like a mature tree with leaves and fruits).

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*(Olamot, Hebrew; Worlds, English). 

The Sefirotic Tree of Life and the Yearly Biosphere Cycle

Biospheres Models


Why and how God creates populations of myriads of biospheres in a galaxy?

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Biospheres are semiotic networks of multiagent systems which express the God's attribute of Tirefet.


The origin of the biodiversity as expression of Chesed attribute of God.

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Olamot Project


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