Aleph-Tav Theory: creative processes inside the God's Mind

Chapter 1: D-images

1.1 Semiotic Acts of D*


The D* agent brings thoughts into existence and keeps them present in his mind. We will use the expressions D* 'thinks a thought', 'has a thought' or 'creates a thought' or simply 'thinks' as equivalents. We shall denote a thought of D* by 'D-thought'. We will imagine that D* thinks D-thoughts and wants to symbolize some of them with other D-thoughts which we will call D-images. D* symbolizes D-thoughts with D-images and operates on these images to achieve goals yet to be specified in the following chapters.


The method we will follow here is to first understand the types of symbol networks that D* can create and then analyze the role of its goals in the structure and dynamics of these networks. A symbolic network is made up of D* thought symbols and each symbol is an individual creation of D*. We begin the construction of the model by defining the basic creative acts of D*.

1.1.1 Elementary semiotic act of D*

We will consider any thought of D*, which we will call X, without worrying about its content.


Definition: By elementary semiotic act of D* on some D-thought X, abbreviated semioD+(X), we understand a simple act, that is, one that cannot be divided into parts, which creates at once a symbol that represents that thought from D* to himself. This symbol is a representation of only that thought X and no other. We call this symbol a D-image of X, for short, D-image(X) (Figure 1).

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