Aleph-Tav Theory: creative processes inside the God's Mind



Our aim in this work is to derive the physical world from the spiritual world on the assumption that the physical world is a part of the spiritual world, not differing in substance, but only in its mode of existence. We identify the spiritual world as the Mind of the Creator and we will show how the physical world exists and persists within His Mind.


The first step in carrying out this project is to define the content of that Mind. What follows is the construction of a model of this Mind and its dynamics. We conceive of this Mind as an abstract reality that is continually created, maintained, and transformed by an agent, which we will call D*.


D* is an agent endowed with the will and ability to create, maintain, and change the content of his own mind. In this sense D* creates his own mind and can give it different contents, structures and dynamics. The theology implicit in this feature of D* is discussed elsewhere.


We will assume that D*'s mind is composed of his thoughts and thoughts about those thoughts, that is, his mind is a network of D* thoughts interconnected in some way to be defined in the next chapters.


We will imagine a mind that contains thoughts, a network of symbols of those thoughts and concepts associated with D* operations on these thoughts and symbols. These operations determine the dynamics of D*'s mind.


Clearly the ontology of D*'s mind is both mental and temporal. And we'll show that the physical world is a nested softwares environment embed in a high-level software environment.


To define the dynamics of the creative processes within this mind we will follow the principles that define the attributes of God, or Sefirot, which are integrated into the Sephirotic Tree of Life.

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