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The Gur-Aryeh Institute for Research and Education (GAI) is an independent institution, non-governmental, non-profit, non-partisan, non-sectarian, non-religious which does not discriminate gender, age or race.


The GAI is recognized by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) as a 501(c)3 charitable organization. We seek to promote constructive social action through philosophical and scientific research and with educational and artistic activities for the public interest.

The name “GUR ARYEH”


The expression in Hebrew "Gur Aryeh" means "lion cub" or "young lion". In the Book of the Genesis it was used by Jacob (Israel) in his prophecy to his twelve sons, shortly before he died, when he referred to his son Judah.


He said: "A cub and a grown lion is Judah. From the prey, my son, you withdrew. He crouched, rested like a lion, and like a lion, who will rouse him?"(Genesis 49: 9).



A wonderful future in the humanity history is rapidly approaching when the Messiah of Israel will be between us. In that time God, the creator of the Universe, will be internalized in all human affairs in different ways and with pervasive unity. New ways of knowledge will spring from the 'heaven' and 'earth' to fertilize our science and technology and a universal ethics will conduct the geopolitics and our social life in all its levels and forms.

We can recognize already some signs and seeds which are preparing that future and since now we can start to think and live in creative ways anticipating the brightness of that time through the recognition the Creator’s attributes in the nature and in the history.

Like a lion cub that learns to walk and hunt and grows up until to be a mature lion, the Gur Aryeh Institute begins its first steps with faith in the God’s promises for all humankind and in the value of our contribution to this historic process.


We see us in the future as an internationally recognized center of excellence in the production and dissemination of original ideas and useful and effective actions to the promotion of peace and integral human development. We will be bright because we will reflect the Light of the Creator in all our deeds.


We are people moved by constructive

dreams for the society.

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The objective of the Gur Aryeh Institute is to help to pave the way for the bright future which is coming. For that we develop research and educational and artistic activities approaching important challenging issues about the nature, the human being and the Creator of the Universe.


We implement our goal by incorporating God and His attributes in all sciences and arts in innovative ways to bring new understanding about the natural and social laws and their relationship with the spiritual nature of the man. Based on that we promote a culture of high purposes, creativity and innovation in key areas of the human life.


We conduct interdisciplinary research inspired by, but not restricted to, the Jewish Kabbalah concepts on relevant issues using and developing concepts and tools from of philosophy, arts, mathematics, natural sciences, computer science, semiotics, linguistics, economics, geopolitics and environmental science.


We diffuse knowledge through articles, books, videos and virtual courses, seminars, conferences and high-cultural level artistic events.


We only promote constructive actions that are guided by truth, critical thinking and creativity.



God, Truth, Life, Faith, Love, Work, Knowledge, Creativity, Cooperation. Democracy, Sustainable Development and Peace with Safety.

Vision: Our future waiting for us.

Our Logo: Diversity and unity.


A multi-color lion representing the diversity of people sharing our mission and vision to contribute to our projects.

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Gur Aryeh Institute 


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