Opening visions, laying down foundations,

paving the way for a bright future.

Gur Aryeh Institute


We integrate science, arts and metaphysics to open the eyes of the mind to see God behind Nature and the Nature inside Him.


Through interdisciplinary research with innovative methodologies we provide answers to old aged fundamental questions.


Our scientific, educational and artistic projects aim to inspire the people for the building of a better world.

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What is life?

How much different it is of the inanimate matter? 

Exist something else beyond molecules and energy in an embryo? Yes, information, which produces coordination for the development. Does the coordination have a goal? Which goal(s) an embryo peruse?

The Aleph-Tav Project investigates these important issues based on a paradigm that unifies the laws of physics and biology, considering the universe a participative software environment which process information to reach goals.

You can contribute as a partner maintainer of our projects to create new ideas to improve the world. It's quick and easy to contribute to our projects.

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You can participate in our projects in many ways. Bring your talent to help us to expand the views of the universe and the Earth's future.

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Through research, artistic, cultural and educational activities we search to open views of the people about challenging issues. Know more.