Gur Aryeh Institute

Opening visions, laying down foundations,

paving the way for a bright future.

We are a small team of 'lions cubs' giving our first steps in this journey. You are invited to be a 'lion cub' volunteer to help us to turn in reality the GAI goals.

Luis David Aimola is a physicist and environmental scientist. For more than 15 years has been working as a researcher in climate change modeling in the university and corporate environments.

A believer in the Torah and Kabbalah theological and metaphysical principles he has for many years developed an independent research about the foundations of physics looking to understand how the space-time and the laws of physics could be derived from the attributes of God.

As a professional scientist has strong interest to understand the earth system dynamics using methodologies which permit predict the structural aspects of the future of the humankind-biosphere system. Presently he is the GAI's president and one of the its researchers.

Julia Simon Cavalcante is a professional dancer with a sound background in financial management. She has the sensibility to leader the artistic activities of Gur Aryeh Institute and the analytical mind to give to our institute a sound financial advising.

Alinne Senatro is a public relation professional which for many years has worked in schools of medium and basic levels. Alinne has helping us in the organization of the administrative works.

You can cooperate as a fellow of the Gur Aryeh Institute. See how.

Our Team of Founders