Gur Aryeh Institute

Opening visions, laying down foundations,

paving the way for a bright future.

The GAI is composed of centers that implement its mission in various ways. The activities in each center are developed in the form of projects. All projects deliver measurable products that advance the objectives of the GAI. Currently GAI consists of two centers of activities.

InfoK Center of Science


Information as the foundation of physics


From the paradigm that the universe is inside a very big and complex software environment which process information, we develop research to derive all laws of physics. Our approach is mathematical and completely based on the information-agent relation.

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Terra Futura Center


The future as the source of the present 


We depart from the view that there is a potential bright future with prosperity and peace for all the humankind. We develop research to recognize the seeds of that future and which are the ways to reach it. Our approach is interdisciplinary and scientific.


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