Conceptual Framework

Two Metaphysical Principles

are the Foundations of the Project: HaMakom Paradigm and the Sephirotic Tree of Life, which describe the God's atributes and the Principles for the God's Actions.

Based on those Principles we are Constructing a God's Mind Model which is an Intelligent Agent which creates and sustains Semiotic Networks to reach His Goals.

Inside of these networks God creates and sustain a Universe.

From the God's Mind Model we Derive the Laws of Physics for the Space-Time and Physical Fields.

From those concepts we derive the Evolution of Life and Mind on Earth.

HaMakom Paradigm

Sefirotic Tree of Life 

G*: God's

Mind Model

Semiotic Networks


Multi-Agent Systems



 space-time  physical fields  life  mind

Our approach is multidisciplinary where we use concepts from several sciences: Semiotics, Logic, Mathematics, Computer Science, Physics, Biology and Psychology.

Malkuth Project

Opening the vision, laying the foundation,

helping to prepare the way for the glorious future of Israel

and the World.

Gur Aryeh Institute for Research and Education, Inc.