Conceptual Framework

Two Metaphysical Principles

are the Foundations of the Project: HaMakom Paradigm and the Sephirotic Tree of Life, which describe the God's atributes and the Principles for the God's Actions.

Based on those Principles we are Constructing a God's Mind Model which is an Intelligent Agent which creates and sustains Semiotic Networks to reach His Goals.

Inside of these networks God creates and sustain a Universe.

From the God's Mind Model we Derive the Laws of Physics for the Space-Time and Physical Fields.

From those concepts we derive the Evolution of Life and Mind on Earth.

HaMakom Paradigm

Sefirotic Tree of Life 

G*: God's

Mind Model

Semiotic Networks


Multi-Agent Systems



 space-time  physical fields  life  mind

Our approach is multidisciplinary where we use concepts from several sciences: Semiotics, Logic, Mathematics, Computer Science, Physics, Biology and Psychology.

Aleph-Tav Project

Gur Aryeh Institute

for the Israel Future

Opening the vision, laying the foundation,

helping to prepare the way for the glorious future of Israel

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